Guitar Wing – Wi-Fi Control

Wi-Fi Guitar
Digital Processing in Reach

Guitar Wing, a MIDI controller that wirelessly connects to a computer over Bluetooth LE via a USB MIDI dongle. This revolutionary device has been developed by Livid Instruments in Austin, Texas.

This product received funding by kickstarter.com to get it into mass production.

Guitar Wing gives you the ability to control software while playing your guitar at the same time. Guitarists that have a lot to do with digital signal processing or do a lot of work with Digital Audio Workstations may find this product of interest…Livid Instruments/ guitar-wing

In 2014 just after funding by Kickstarter and launch the Future Music publication gave it Guitar accessory of the Year award.

Interestingly spring 2016 Guitar Center list this product as a top seller! www.guitarcenter.com


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