Inspirations in Guitar Tunings

Happily, stumbled on this on YouTube 😉

14 Awesome Songs in Alternate Tunings to play!

And then there’s this interesting take on tuning…

“We all have been tuning our guitars wrong” | Can you hear the difference?

Bonus Lesson: TUNING – Official James Taylor Guitar Lessons

A guitar, though a precision instrument, has subtle tolerances that influence the overall sound. Among these considerations can be how exactly the instrument is tuned. Different strings have different tendencies of how they harmonise back and forth. Bass strings when played hard ring sharp, to compensate this the strings can be tuned a few cents flat…

…Standard E Low to High
E: -12 cents
A: -10 cents
D: -8 cents
G: -4 cents
B: -6 cents
E: -3 cents