Learning to Play Guitar

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The Internet has really opened up the doors to a lot of things not least how we can learn to play the guitar.

Today there is large YouTube guitar community offering lots of tips and tutorials for free however it might take a while to sift through things before you find something good. For a more professionally structured approach with better quality videos, you can join an online tuition community for Approx.$20 per month.

A solid Internet contender offering online video learning. Approx.$20 per month

GuitarTricks reveiw: guitarchalk.com/guitar-tricks-review
GuitarTricks traffic: similarweb.com/website/guitartricks.com

A recent offering from the Fender Digital campaign. Approx.$20 per month

One of my favourites for more than 10 years! Free, donations welcome!

Another popular website for online guitar lessons.

GuitarLessons.com is a free resource to learn guitar.

GuitarLessonworld.com is also a free resource to learn guitar.

Cyberfret.com is also a free resource to learn guitar. (Thoery & Tab)

Guitar War is a website dedicated to helping its members improve in all aspects of their playing.

ChordFinder.com is an online application developed to help guitar enthusiasts learn about chords, scales, notes, & arpeggios.

Truefire is a large and comprehensive selection of online guitar lessons

Ultimate-guitar.com is a large forum and education resource for guitarists.

Alternatively, tuitional Apps like Yousicain or gaming software like RockSmith also provide a fun approach to learning your favourite songs.